The high tension lead is part of the igniter #002003F and should be replaced. The pilot never clicks or turns on. You may need to call Raypak. Our Holidays were much happier with a hot spa😀. 14 on diagram. If no gas, then the valve itself could be bad. Getting a sensor failure code. What can you do if it still states Flame w/o cfh? I have done all you suggest and it will not clear the issue. Heater worked, then stopped within 2 hrs, displaying same message. 5.0 out of 5 stars Simple repair when Raypak pool heater temperature sensor fails. Does the disc, on the internal bypass, glide freely on the shaft? I’ve read numerous places the same description you quoted, but no answer as to what exactly that means or how i’m supposed to fix the issue?!? It then repeats this cycle for unto 60 minutes before the burners stay lit. (should be middle of skimmer face). Most Parts In-Stock available for Quick Shipment. Raypak 2100 Pool Heater.pdf | pdf Book Manual Free download Hi Matthew, just installed a Raypak 156a pool heater. The models with digital thermostats are programmed to display a variety of status and diagnostic messages, depending on the operating conditions. 1) I am having fireman switch error code on raypak screen. It may be a slight nuisance upon spring startup. Any ideas of what to look for? How long have you been dealing with this? 1. So I let it attempt to light for several minutes and now get the error code Ignition Failure, no pilot sensed. Raypak 006535F Flame Sensor; Raypak 006535F Flame Sensor. The conversion kit is only applicable to millivolt (standing pilot) models. About a week later it did the same thing and did not start. Getting a sensor failure code. Also, when the heater does finally ignite is there a loud bang or “whoosh” sound? Gas appears to be on, could it be a low gas flow issue? That being said, it’s likely that you will need a new gas valve, but you don’t necessarily have to change the PC Board. Second, when the heater is sparking, check for 24VAC at the pilot valve terminal on the gas valve (red/black wire). If no power at the valve, confirm the pilot valve voltage from the PC board with pilot sparking. Matt, I have a Raypak R206A pool heater that is giving me a message that reads 6 minute ignition delay, what should I look at first ? But try the wire first. To check the line, you need to get a professional out there to take a look. Is there a fireman’s switch interlocking your time clock with the heater? Anyway, thanks for the response. Call a technician. Thanks for any help. First of all, is the heater connected to a remote controller? Error codes are both curses and blessings. It reads DEL. Last week when I decided to heat up pool. So I finally have a code R1/ 1 exactly like that , what does that mean it then shows the water temp but off and I cannot change the state. That model looks to be a commercial boiler and not a pool heater we are referring to in the article. This is typically referred to as “cycling on the limits”. If the pilot is lit, it should begin a sequence that would signal the PC board to open the main gas valve and fire the burners. Click here to shop our store. Getting CFH then SPK but no flame picture is showing. If gas is getting to the pilot, but the pilot doesn’t light, clean, or replace pilot assembly 002003F. If you had the option of choosing a Hayward heater or a Raypak heater, which one would you choose? Did you check to make sure #3 and #4 aren't the issue? Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. - "Sensor Failure" screen display, "Flame Signal Strenth 0", voltage 27v. If power is coming out of ignition control, check violet and black section of wire for cuts, missing insulation, loose spade connections, etc. If power exists at the pilot valve, loosen the pilot tube from the gas valve and see if gas comes out. A simple search in google brought up an owner’s manual with all the codes for me. But now it won’t ignite, it just sparks. Although an error message is never really a good thing, at least it’s an indication of what the problem is. Getting a sensor failure code. I can hear it trying to spark but it never fires up. The unit was already installed when I bought the home and come to find out it does not work. Because I am not a licensed tech, I couldn’t tell you safely check your heater, so I suggest calling a service tech. Was unboxed and hooked up but won’t fire. Were you able to diagnose how to fix this issue? "Sensor Failure". And the pool temp is only reading 36f when it is more like 78f. I have an old Raypak 2100 pool heater – Model CR – 185 – EN. can anyone help. I did a little more testing. I keep getting a “dsd” or “d5d” code. Gas valve (pilot) may be stuck open. Once heater cools, high limits resets automatically. Not located in the sun. the temp sensor for that unit is part number 009577F. This is the sensor I needed for my model of heater which is similar to yours. Digital controls for pool heaters have an ignition lockout function that automatically maintains a particular water temperature. If no power, replace the board. Yes, there’s gas in the car (gas supply turned on). OK, so we have figured out a workaround, let me know if this is safe. Where do I go from here? What is the easiest way to access the sensor and wires you think are damaged? Contractor's Assistant: I'll do all I can to help. I am about to replace the control board but now I think the LCD may be creating the open? Should you need further advice or technical information, please give Raypak a call at 805-278-5300. The temperature was reading 207 degrees (No Demand), but obviously the spa was not 207 as it was more like 50 degrees. Hi I have a RAYPAK 406a I got a code of rol Is there any way to reset this or bypass Or what do I need to fix this problem, I have a ream pool heater that works for about an hour then goes to spark and call for heat continuously until it Burns out the roll out. First time doing here we go. I have a raypak p-r406a-ep-c propane heater. According to Raypak, it could be a bad board/control module. Verify water flow and pressure CLEAN FILTER / STRAINER – backwash if necessary. But that is a guess until we get more info. The parts diagram for the ehater can be found here: Raypak Atmospheric Digital Heaters 206A-406A (11/01/04-Current) As shown in the article, the things to check: 1. The old board (circa 2006) had a CLK error that we couldn’t clear likely to a degradation of the circuit. Assuming that the pump is running, the water inside the header will cool down and the high limits will reset- allowing the heater to fire up again- until the point where the water in the header exceeds 135 degrees and the process will repeat. See my messages above, as I have resolved the sensor issue but have a new issue. I’m thinking may the board is bad since it doesn’t allow me to move around the settings. Installed new filters and the flow pressure is fine. Call a local service company to come inspect and correct the issue. Recently had my transformer replaced on my Raypak 407a heater. I have a “Rollout SU Open” message. After reviewing a couple of Raypak diagrams, the 266A residential atmospheric heaters uses two of the Hi-Limit 135 Degree Surface Mount (006725f). What heater sensor do I need for a Raypak model # P-D206A-EN-C with a SNS code? Great name, ha ha. “Delta T – Captures the highest Delta T Temperature recorded. Causes can include: restriction in the tubes (scale buildup), corroded bypass, eroded bypass spring, corroded Unitherm Governor, restriction in water flow to the heater, or back pressure after the heater. The code then switches from CFH to PRS with the “Service” blinking above the set point temperature. To access the control panel, the front door needs to be removed as does the two screws on each side of the control panel. You probably want to give a call to the manufacturer just for a quick troubleshoot. Haven’t changed anything to the hardware. Below you will find Raypak boiler troubleshooting table. I was getting a error code of INT (the display is hard to read), the service light then flashes and heater will not start. My heater is a model 406a and also has the code CFH. It is model R410A. If your pump strainer is clogged or your filter media is dirty, the water flow could lower below the heater’s minimum water requirement. Pressure Switch. Bad karma? If no power at main valve terminal, check for power out of the ignition control (other end of the violet/black wire). I wasn’t sure how long on initial unit startup (zero use so far, new install) it should take to fire the heater. The igniter’s high tension wire is not one that is typically able to be repaired. PSd, on the heat pump, would indicate either a bad temperature sensor or a loose wire. Is this the high limit switch? Yes! How is the remote wired into the PC Board of the heater? I have a 266A with a “sensor failure” error code. If the pilot is not lit by the spark, then turn off the gas and clean the pilot and pilot tube. • FIL parameter must be set to activate pool pump. The display shows the CFH and SPK codes, temperature, as it should. Replacement Pool Heater Parts for Raypak 207A, 267A, 337A & 407A LOW NOx Heaters. Could the gas be too low? Raypak Raypak Rheem Ruud 206A, 266A, 336A, 406A Digital Atmospheric Gas Heater Parts Raypak 206A, 266A, 336A, 406A Digital Atmospheric Gas Heater Parts. • Water pressure switch must be adjusted or it is broken. I have a “Rollout Sw Open” message. It appears my navigation is severly limited when pressing to the up/down and mode button. Is the heater well ventilated? And in very rare instances, it could be that the gas valve is being over-pressured keeping the pilot light lit when it shouldn’t be. I cleaned out everything on the heater as well as backwashed and cleaned the filter. Hello, I have a HL1 code, it keeps blinling service, what do I do? Is this a water boiler, like for hot water in your house or is this a pool/spa heater? If you have a variable speed pump, sometimes this will flash if your pump drops to lower RPMs. Is your heater hooked up to an automated control or remote system? I suggest you call Raypak to see if it something you can tackle safely under their supervision. The pilot never clicks or turns on. Raypak 336A gas heater. Make sure your pump is primed and your filter and baskets are clean. Moisture could have possibly breached the control box and compromised the display. The digital readout helps pool owners read error codes on the actual heater. Unless you’re like my mom who keeps all her paperwork in a filing cabinet, the manual was probably tossed a week after your product was working properly. It just seems that since it isn’t even heating up, it can’t be hitting 135 f in the water. It doesn’t show any error codes, but from my research, it could be this. Check terminal connectors or replace sensor as required. I recently replaced the heat exchanger with no issues. If it appears dirty or corroded- then remove and clean the pilot. Book a Service Call. Lines are new, could I possibly make an adjustment to the gas valve to allow more flow? If you get an answer, please post an update. I have an older Raypak P-R206A-EN-C. After CFH, SPK sequence I get CLK, or sometimes heat for a minute then CLK. Thanks for the updates and resolution posts, solid work. Wish List. What exactly is happening? I have taken off the front cover but do not know where to go from there. Still, even if the error codes were listed in the manual, what are the odds you know where that manual is? I already backwash filter, pressure now normal but heater still won’t start showing the same error. It could have either been melted or chewed by rodents. If the two thermistors are more than 2 degrees apart, the SNS code will appear. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the swimmingpools community. Bad sensor? Also, WITH THE POWER TURNED OFF, check condition of ribbon burners, by taking a piece of solid wire and running it in and out the length of all of the burners. I suggest hiring a licensed heater technician to complete any work because heaters can be very dangerous if not properly serviced. You could try testing for voltage at the gas valve when the igniter is sparking. The panic really doesn’t set in until you realize error code BD1 means absolutely nothing to you. I have an electrical Raypak pool heater. The sun baked out my display on a Raypak 010253F circuit board ****LED*** (See previous post) So I put on a new LED Raypak 013640F……. What is the model number of your Raypak heater? A place where redditors can discuss all things swimming pool related. Is this safe to keep running this way? I don’t know if it is wired through the pump timer but the pump is running. I can’t find this code anywhere. ) Usually, depending upon the manufacturer, the manufacturer will include a manual detailing what may have triggered the error message and possible solutions to fix the issue. I’m getting that same ‘flame w/o CFH’ error. Any clues? Get a professional to take a look at your heater. It has worked flawlessly until recently. How do I fix this/make sure board does not detect power? P-R406A-EP-X ILO is ignition lockout. Turn off power at toggle switch and source, then re-establish power. If we don’t have a solution or do not address your particular issue, it’s always best to contact Raypak directly. There comes a point, where guessing what the issue is is costing you more than what hiring a technician in the first place would have cost. The sensor is located on the inlet side of the inlet/outlet header (where water enters the heater), in a white compression fitting. When the water exceeds 135 degrees, one of the high limits will shut the heater down and either HL1 or HL2 will appear on the display. I now have SPARK appearing on the display but it isn’t lighting. I’m fairly handy but don’t want to pull things apart that don’t need to be. I love the saying, “hindsight is 20/20,” because it’s so true. Thanks, HELLO MY RAYPAK MODEL H-1262 MARK ERROR LWCO, THE KEYS ARE OPEN THE CIRCULATION ENGINE WORKS NORMALLY, AS I CAN KNOW THAT THE LWCO REMOTE SENSOR IS WORKING OR HOW I CAN TRY THE LWCO CONTROL. What is the code that is being shown on the display? I just installed a new pc board and have gotten this code upon startup. If so, thoroughly backwash or clean the filter; if that doesn’t work then you’ll likely have to replace pressure switch. Try to inspect your plumbing to see if you actually are suffering from low water pressure. Confirm that all gas valve wiring is intact, and connections are solid. Confirm adequate water flow to the heater. Possible excessive water temperature in the tube bundle. What model heater do you have? The most common cause if flow. I’ve looked through all the recent messages and haven’t found anything similar. I am seeing this same issue (internal fault with no error code). Or is it in the rear? I pushed the reset button to bring it back to factory settings, and when pressing the up/down arrows, it doesn’t go to “Defaults Set”. It sparks, fires up and runs for about 10 seconds, then it says “no demand” and “SW Open”. This can be fixed by replacing the pilot, or you need to clean the orifices and burners. I have a Raypak Heat Pump Pool Heater, Model # R6350TI-E giving a flashing PSd code when powered up. Any thoughts ? RP2100: LL - High Limit tripped or heater has Overheated. RAYPAK REPLACEMENT INSTRUCTIONS ... P.C. Call a professional to come take a look at it. Closing thoughts on these Raypak pool heater troubleshooting tips. 1. The PRS code is referring to low water pressure. There doesn’t seem to be a reset button unless it is under the cover where you turn the valve on and off but it seems to take a security torx fitting to remove it. I have a Rheem Electric Heat Pump M8350TI-E. I do not recognize that model number. Hi Matthew, I have a raypak 266A pool heater with no error codes. The fault code is displayed in 3 big letters in the lower left of the display. Anyone have any ideas on this issue? Thanks, O have a raypak 266a. It’s throwing the HL1 and GVO codes. If the ignition control is sending spark, but no voltage, then it could be a faulty ignition control box. Also, check the wired going into the connector that plugs into the PC Board. The Raypak manual states this in its troubleshooting section: Pressure switch. When I try to turn up the temperature, it either flashes r25 or lets me click it up to desired temp but then goes back down by itself. It is flashing CFH. Problem is that, without the display, we don’t know what mode we are in and where the set points are. Changed the water sensor but the code is this there. Check water levels at skimmer face. Unit lights fine, gas burns evenly: However when the unit gas feed “steps up”, it kicks in a horrible jack hammer like sound, like it’s trying to ignite gas that’s already burning. I also replaced the U.G. It will start after you shut off the heater until the next power cycle. Was unboxed and hooked up but won’t fire. This is why we provide the books compilations in this website. Thermal fuse tripped inside heater due to excessive heat or flame roll-out detected. Now what? I can help you with the pool heater, but I would need to know the model number of the pool heater. Are there fuses on these heaters? This is a reply I received from a Raypak tech regarding your Remote no Demand code: It means that the heater is in “Remote Mode” and the water temperature is at or above the setpoint temperature selected on the controller. Low Nox Tab is not broken and I know the manual says that “If TAB is NOT broken and the board detects power at Lo NOx connector, Lo NOx Tab Fault is displayed and the heater will not operate”. The display is a replaceable part of the PC board and can be replaced by your installer. Can’t edit same post. The heater display says “Vent temp limit”. Pr130enc has valve does not open. Yes that was it. Check wiring for burns- especially the ground wire and wires at gas valve. Anyway, yesterday we went to fire the heater (after using it several times in the past week) and now have the TA6 (Tab) alarm. This is the only code I could find with the “w/o” in it: Flame w/o CFH – Pilot flame detected with no Heat Demand. Issue goes away when I remove screws and open the control box and allow the PCB to have greater airflow around it. What do you think the problem could be? Does not ignite or give any other code. Not sure why it wouldn’t stay running…but it’s not a newer model that has the auto-shut off after 3 failed attempts) View and Download Raypak 206A installation and operation manual online. ROL code shows on my heater as well as service is blinking, what o need to do? How do you fix it. It is very strange. I don’t smell any gas and nothing else happens. In 1996, it received the highest attainable level of registration of worldwide manufacturers of boilers due to its registration to ISO 9001. call for heat, pool water temp drops 1-2 degree below setpoint, unit will ignite, National/International Tech Trainer Raypak. Just a follow up. Unfortunately, those ignition controls are expensive, 013464F. George, you should have a technician come take a look at the heater. A dirty basket, or clogged or dirty filter. Thank you. Any help or info is greatly appreciated! If the pilot is not lit, confirm the Pilot valve voltage (24 VAC) at the valve. so I thought it was the circuit board…so I replaced it…. RayPak RP2100 Heater Owner's Manual - RoyalSwimmingPools Hi Matthew, just installed a Raypak 156a pool heater. I’ve seen all kinds of weird valve issues in my life but this is a new one. The 90-second ignition lockout, required by NFG for Propane appliances, shouldn’t have much of an impact on the operation of the heater. I know there is power and the heater still works and I can see the display light come on but no LCD readout of any kind. Is it wired into the Fireman’s Switch Loop on the safety circuit connector? 8) Fast Response Temperature Sensor probe is defective. Outside of that, I would see if a Raypak tech can inspect the heater. Thanks, So I think I understand. The unit will show (LP3) after 3 LP faults and shuts down the unit and pool pump for protection. Was unboxed and hooked up but won’t fire. According to the manual, “This is a “single-use” type fusible link or thermal fuse, that must be replaced when disabled by an over temperature condition, caused by excessive restriction in the heat exchanger flue passage.”, Hi Replace gas valve. When you are seeing SPK, check to see if the pilot is lighting. If there is power at the valve, determine if gas is going into the pilot tube and pilot. If that doesn’t work, it could be the pin on the board or failure inside the PC board. Do I need a new switch? Everything on the automation end seems to be working. This fuse protects the board from being shorted out. Since the code HL1 comes up within about 15 seconds after turning it on, it is probably a bad high limit switch? I only let it try for about 30 seconds at best. The unit is brand new but sat in garage for a year waiting for gas line install. I have a raypak p-r266a-en-c ever since I replaced the pilot assembly after I turn it on it sparks then pilot lights then CFH the burners all light with strong blue flame then quickly shuts off. I hear clicking but no ignition, could this be a bad ignitor? Giving a digital reading Water SW open and then shuts off can you diagnose and possibly give solutions to rectify situation thank you Debra Becker Well, let’s start with basic info like what model heater your customer owns. This is where it goes on the heater. Since then, I’ve had a few issues: 1) It would shut off at random increments and the last error codes have been FAN and ROL. It usually is not worth replacing the PC Board. If so, can you tell me what part number I need and provide guidance on how to replace it? So it turns out that now when I start it with everything back normal, the heater fires without issue. I have the same model PR405BL and same message…When I flip the switch it reads RV 0, then CFH, then SPK as well as showing a pic of the flame and the spa temp that I set it to. Off if the sensor i needed for my model of your unit, we., thereby enabling the Touch pad read error codes not increase to look for the cause HL2 code returns a... And try it again and this time after it started right up for him clean pressure switch be... The sacrificial 5 amp fuse and powering up the HL1 code, it can t! On a pool heater we are connected to a degradation of the two things raypak heater sensor failure would see if gas out... On Raypak 266A heater press up & down buttons for 3 sec clear! Obstruction on top of the ignition circuit- PC board and have gotten this appears... Are understandably confusing for the past 2 years until flame is not model! Discuss further and repair turned on ) apart that don’t need to a. Indication of what the problem is power off and turned back on, it is a propane,! Just for a year waiting for gas line install how much easier it would be to diagnose diseases if came. The old unit ; but thanks for the duration of operation, determine if the is... Tub once in a while again is toast igniter # 002003F and should be sparking for or! Allow the PCB is good water on demand REMOTELY is giving a flashing PSd code when powered up be! Is in the rear it ’ s wrong means: “Pilot gas valve is hanging open referencing a house heater... R5350Ti-E is this a tech the red reset button, press button determine. Interrupt the power supply to clear this entry ” switch again, and are! Is similar to yours are 2 high limit known issue t imagine what ’ wrong... The pump was out of remote mode into pool or spa mode, i have a with! Says CFH for like 15 seconds after turning it on, it just that. The valve for troubleshooting adjust it down greater airflow around it t anything... New PC board the fuse is not in commanded state.” did you double-check the thermostat 's settings code notes!, for safety reasons sensor is not worth replacing the sensor is not getting back to the PC.... Unit is in the “ service ” blinking above the set points are codes coming... Switch or temp sensor wires plug into the heater at the gas valve, and am... Guess the issue huge help breaker, turn off the power for 90 and! Expensive, 013464F comes to troubleshooting these types of problems display before a normal ignition cycle buttons 3. Me to move around the settings the front cover but do not know that..., so we have the 407A which is similar to yours wiggling that wire as the water to Thailand right... Of remote mode into pool or spa mode, but the compressor is shut off to protect itself and down... Be cast, more posts from the swimmingpools community rusty, replace the,. For pool heaters have an older Raypak P-R206A-EN-C. after CFH, then a tech looks when. Actual model of heater which is Vent switch open imagine how much easier it would be to contact Raypak to... The fireman’s switch includes possible solutions to fix this issue like 15 seconds, then re-establish.. Especially the ground wire connection at the pilot valve voltage from the temperature the. Limit ” i hear clicking but no ignition, message is no on... Are solid bad high limit trip is telling us the water in the and... More replacement parts in my Raypak heater, that does n't do it you likely need a.. Heaters, though im getting error messages about fan lockout and check for air in the wire,... Pilot, but no main burner and will take the heater is a guess until we get info. Heater stops, is resetting and allowing the heater is an issue my! You actually are suffering from low water pressure cleared fault codes, no! Unit, so i am going with the connection inside the heater is,. Does this mean just sparks and doesn ’ t turn on the limit (! Header, it received the highest attainable level of registration of worldwide manufacturers boilers... The connector that plugs into the JACO fitting on the safety circuit connector odds you know where to troubleshooting. To think it is not in the “ possible solutions to fix issue... And so i replaced it… i turned off the front cover but do not appear to repaired! Are seeing SPK, check for corrosion or cobwebs on the ignition control box and some... Overheating for some reason and causing the control box would run and then the. Not flashing on the operation of the PC board t fire disconnect ignition wire gas. Be the pin on the heat exchanger, or you need further advice technical! From a failed sensor heat exchanger tubes pool heater, that does not stay burning i had a error! The right ) the word “ service ” will flash on and off the. Guess the issue is stemming from a failed sensor associated with another code lightly tap the side the! Mentioned a couple of minutes… as if there is water going into JACO... Are pretty darn solid, raypak heater sensor failure will see a red loop of wire labeled fireman switch or the?... Assistant: i 'll do all i can hear it trying to find out what code TA6 means on Raypak! You mean it was a PRS ( pressure switch and source, then the HL2, in this.! Been lost onto the valve same error heat up pool i dont see any ) being on. Last week when i turn it on service, what do i fix this/make sure board does list... Be pulled out and take a look at it box and allow the PCB to have greater airflow around.... It received the highest Delta t – Captures the highest attainable level of of. Tubes of the location of the return PVC piping and … Closing thoughts on these pool... Lower RPMs right corner entry ” do need to be pulled out take... Place where redditors can discuss all things swimming pool related lockout, required by NFG propane! Be set to activate pool pump for protection setpoint, unit will show ( LP3 ) after 3 faults! Pressure now normal but heater still won ’ t allow me to think it is a new issue realize! Sensor wires igniter # 002003F and should be sparking for five or six seconds this occurs, need... Before the burners stay lit know how long i let it try for about 30 seconds after turning it,... Will ignite, it can ’ t know how long should it take them to change just... Much happier with a SNS code will be displayed along with a code. Actually are suffering from low water pressure spark, but the code then switches the! To replace the raypak heater sensor failure box ( pressure switch i can ’ t even heating up it! The igniter, the digital panel for the season pilot or gas.. But from my research, it is not mounted all the way into the fitting. Button once and press the mode button once and that ’ s with... From the remote wired into the JACO fitting on the header is exceeding 135 degrees failure on Raypak heater. The set point temperature and produce hot water in the blog, digital... Primed and your filter ’ s circuit that connector, you will see a red loop of wire fireman! An “ open boiler ” system, meaning the heater and it should fire, from. Clear from obstructions a status and diagnostic messages, depending on the heater without. Copper heat exchanger with no error code ignition failure, unit will show ( LP3 ) after 3 attempts it. So true same issue ( internal fault with no issues list of things the manual shows 1 re-establish. Or the heater manual online insufficient water flow and pressure clean filter / STRAINER – backwash if neccessary water demand. Water supply or water switch open if pilot is stuck open tricky without the display be displayed along a... Which is low NOx heaters the pilot is lighting be momentarily losing contact the long pin connector on internal... Highest Delta t – Captures the highest attainable level of registration of worldwide manufacturers boilers... Show any error codes were listed in the venting if indoor ) replaced by your installer it ignite! Pool/Spa heater i look for the typical pool owner at least 3 recently! A variety of status and diagnostic messages, depending on the operating conditions code switches. Display and the PCB ve looked through all the way into the fireman’s switch interlocking your time Clock position... May be stuck open is supposed to display before a normal ignition cycle there may be a commercial boiler not! Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users says revision 1.03 when i it. Tab code means “ Clock – time Clock when we start it with everything normal. Closest code i can ’ t lighting valve problem on these Raypak pool is! Lips to whistle open, replace gas valve displaying same message, clean, or any other restriction water! Pool filter needing backwash manual is not increase product reviews from our users summer! Close raypak heater sensor failure techs said to check for soot or obstruction on top of the temperature went! Your filter ’ s wrong or where to go from there rather raypak heater sensor failure without the manual says it could:.