gas flame icon blinks? For air conditioners that have dehumidification systems, clients may see a water droplet icon on the thermostat screen. Flame Symbol – Displayed when the thermostat is calling for heat and flashes when optimum start is active. Figure F.1 Flame Off Flame Level 1 Flame Level 5 Flame Level Maximum The Remote Control can operate as a room thermostat. Additionally, what does cool on mean on a Honeywell thermostat? What does this mean? If your thermostat keeps blinking during the normal operation of your AC, that usually means there’s an issue with the outdoor portion of the system. 7. General Thermostat Questions; The flame icon on my ecobee shows an exclamation mark. The flame icon on the display of the thermostat displays when the thermostat is calculating whether it needs to bring on heat as well as … What does this blinking flame icon mean? What does a flame symbol mean on a thermostat? I've called my heat/AC company and someone will be out in the morning, but anything with gas kind of scares me. Floor Limit Symbol – Displayed when the floor probe has reached the floor temperature limit configured in the setup menu. The system will continue to cool during this time, so cold air should … Adjust temperature setting to 4° above room temperature. it could be 19.7532°C. To activate the function, press the THERMOMSTAT key. 5. Be aware, sometimes people install a heat/cool thermostat but don't have an air conditioner. ate. 3. Answered. I'm going to turn the heat off but should I worry about this blinking gas icon? We've recently been having an issue with our heat. Holiday – Displayed when the thermostat is in holiday mode. These two icons indicate that the Aux Heat has been temporarily disabled to save on energy costs. Have reset but doesnt appear to do anything. The thermostat can be set to a desired temperature to control the comfort level in a room. My wife and I own a home in Oklahoma. Remember the flame is not an on/off indicator it is just to tell you if it is modulating near the set point. This is normal operation remember it is 0.5°C accurate but it only shows 0.5°C increments on the digital display so you would never have a completely accurate temperature reading e.g. I have read that this is called … 4. However, if the Flame icon ( ) and Snowflake icon ( ) are flashing, the compressor lockout feature is operating. When the outside temperature is in certain ranges (seems to be when it is below about 40 but above 20 or something), our thermostat begins flashing the flame icon. The cool on, heat on, snowflake or flame icon will be blinking if this is the case. Inspection of the thermostat shows that the heat should be on (the little flame icon is lit) and the temp is set for 70, but the actual room temp was 61. Answer + 4. Though it seems intuitive, explain that a plus symbol will increase the ambient temperature, whereas a minus symbol will lower it. 4. (Figure A.1) The LCD display on the … So only heat on … Hello all. Cool On means that you have turned on your air conditioner. I ran down and switched the switch on the side of the furnace off for a few seconds then switched it back on and the furnace came up. The auxiliary heat system should begin to operate and the Flame icon will be flashing. Press to adjust temperature setting below room … 6. Depending on your thermostat it may show as a flame … You will see the "Heat" icon if you are in Heat mode, and the "Auto" icon in Auto mode. It’s basically been locked out, meaning that it has shut itself down and sent a signal to the thermostat letting it know there’s an issue. Usually, what this symbol means is that the air conditioner is running in dry mode to remove excess moisture from the air. Just installed a Danfoss TP5000 thermostat - the display shows the flame and a red light appears on the receiver CH1 then on the display the aerial symbol appears flashing for a second then disappears before the boiler can kick in.