. We also used chocolate chunks instead of white chocolate. Baking time should be adjusted based on your oven and baking sheet, and of course your preference for cookie texture. xo, (My star rating is really 3.5) The recipe great and simple! However, I would like to incorporate calorie and nutrition information for the site in the near future… . Thanks for any help. First of all thanks very much for this Recipe! Add eggs and vanilla and … I’ve also made with sparkling sugar and turbinado sugar around the cookies too, and it’s lovely (I like the look too!). Hi Julie! Oh well. Hope this helps! Combine ingredients with a spatula. I used maeda-en culinary quality matcha. If you measure the flour (and all the ingredients) with a scale, please ignore the comment above. It works great! I’m so happy to hear you liked it! Hmm I’m not sure which Chinese green ingredient your mom is talking about, is it a type of seaweed? I just took the cookies to my Japanese class and they all loved it, so maybe it was just me being overly critical of my own baking. The dough was very crumbly and I found it difficult to shape. You can break with hands easily. Hope my tips are helpful…. Thanks for the recipe! Hi, May I know if these cookies are crispy or chewy? This recipe is a lot more crumbly than my other cookie recipes (this recipe wasn’t mine) but I still think it’s workable if you measure correctly. You mean to cream the butter? Just wondering whether this cookies can be rolled and cut into shape using cookie cutter instead? Hi Nicole! Nutrient information is not available for all ingredients. I bought the matcha tea specifically to make this recipe, was the first time that I tasted this green tea and I love the flavor. So good! Since I’ve been inspired to cook and bake with matcha, I’m excited to share one of my favorite butter cookies, Green Tea Cookies (抹茶クッキー) with you today. Hi Mei! Great! To Gingerbreadman: Cookies are crunchy, not soft. Your comment made me very happy and excited. xo. Also keeping the dough overnight in the refrigerator might help too. Recipe is slightly adapted from A Food Lover's Journey, originally from Okashi Treats by Keiko Ishida. Hi Mollie! Merry Christmas! Then, add in the flax egg and vanilla extract and whip … I just made my first batch of these cookies. Hope this helps. Hi Nami, Just wondering if i can substitute matcha powder with cocoa powder? Why do readers post reviews when they haven’t even tried the recipe? The cookies were easy to make and matcha:white chocolate ratio is perfect. Bake in the preheated oven until edges are lightly browned, 8 to 10 minutes. However, this cookie is more like sable type cookies and it’s not soft chewy cookies. Sorry it didn’t came out well. 5 days? Cookies … I followed the recipe, everything went well till the cutting of the cookie dough. Because the weight of flour is very different if you use a cup and measure incorrectly… and I have a video for this. Hi Stephanie! Your email address will not be published. Thank you for trying this recipe! Thank you for your feedback! (I’m still a beginner baker so if the answer is obvious, please forgive me!) 1. regards! Do not let the dough fully defrost. After reading the reviews I believe there's typo with the measurement of the brown sugar... Usually it's equal parts of white sugar to brown sugar; it should really read 1/2 cup brown sugar. Hi Nami, my 2 girls has been a fan of green tea cookies since they tried it at a friend’s place last CNY. So good! Yay!! That has helped me. xo. Hi Carmen, Thank you for trying this recipe and for your kind feedback! this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. If you’re excited by the thought of new recipes for matcha cookies, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are some delicious green tea or matcha cookies recipes for green tea or matcha lovers. . Maybe the temperature can be too high? !… This recipe is a keeper. Thank you for your kind feedback! I will try this recipe again and I do hope for a better out come as I do really like matcha, Hi Catherine! You have the melt-in-your-mouth texture of shortbread complemented by the smooth taste of matcha, creating a perfectly balanced cookie. Hi Fumettosa! Yes I’d say this is sable style cookies than American style cookies. They turned out awesome either way, but in your pictures your dough looks so smooth…would me using an electric hand mixer make any difference? No problem. I ended up with 3 smaller logs because I couldn’t roll them properly. =P Just roll evenly and fix while I make into logs… Sorry I can’t help much. Hi Nami! Leave to cool and then serve with your favourite hot drink! Hi Jackie! Hi Nami- I tried making these cookies and instead of using powder sugar I used granulated sugar instead. Actually, the pale green darkened more once mixed & baked; so they looked good (as intended to look like tennis balls). Matcha cookie heaven! Since there is more than one Emily from the feedback here so i add my daughter’s name Athena following my name. I agree with you, I have been trying to convince my American audience to use a kitchen scale… but it’s not in their custom to use metric system. It takes a long time to make green tea powder and labor intensive… so that’s why. If you pack the cookies in an airtight container, they will keep for at least 4 days. Beat in eggs and vanilla. Matcha with vanilla. Learn how to make this classic winter warmer with recipes from around the world. I was so excited to try these. Thank you so much for letting me know! I accidentally put almost double the amount of chocolate chips and it was a delicious mistake. I’m so glad you enjoyed these cookies. By enhancing the flavor of traditional shortbread cookies with matcha, this is a modern take on a classic cookie that won't go out of style any time soon. Thank you for your kind feedback. Without fan. Preparation. , Thank you for sharing this recipe! We made two separate batches. Also, how do you get your logs to be so perfectly round? Thank you so much for trying this recipe! Adding 1/4 cups unsweetened coconut flakes + chopped macadamia nuts :D enjoy, Congrats! I have both conventional and convection oven settings but I do not use convection (fan) since most people don’t have the option. I tried both rolling the dough into cylinders and just scooping the dough with a small ice cream scoop. So please understand it’s not very precise recipe. Although I have now ran out of matcha and am using the less-green tea powder I bought in Korea. xo. https://www.justonecookbook.com/pantry_items/green-tea-powder-matcha/. My sister made these cookies. I hope your dad can still enjoy this green tea cookies! CORRECTION: I meant to say I didn’t know why people said the oookies WEREN’T sweet enough. What is the purpose for using powdered sugar vs cane sugar or brown sugar? . Wow 3 dozens!!! My grandma would be able to eat this (referring to one with white chocolate chips). It should have the edge even after baked. xoxo, Hi! Yeah that’s true. also brushed some of them with egg and sprinkled on shredded coconut. I had to add more butter but even then it was dry. I plan to make this again and hope to make this recipe a bit better…. Cool cookies on the baking sheet for 2 to 3 minutes before transferring to a wire rack to cool completely. I see. But I’ve never kept the dough for a long time so I can’t personally tell my experience… I think for the best result, bake it soon while the eggs are fresh. I usually make all the cookies at one batch, but you can freeze, defrost in the fridge until you can slice, and bake. I love any sweets with matcha, and I hope to share something more using green tea one day. Hi Emily! . I tried these cookies and they were amazing! Since then, this blog has become my full-time job and if you see my posts for the past 4 years, there are no bloggers’ comments like this post as I left the community and didn’t have time to visit everyone’s blog. So glad to hear you enjoyed these cookies! I feel it’s a bit hard too just like you said. You can also freeze the unbaked logs of dough, wrapped in plastic wrap, for up to 2 months. . Cook Time: 10 mins. Great job on the photos! One of my baking sheets was dark but the other one not. I’m sorry yours didn’t come out well. . Thank you for your kind feedback! They are butter cookies/sable/shortbread, so maybe that’s why you think it’s “dry” after baked? Yes, the quality of these two is different (and the price too). Hi Annika! If you want to cut out the cookies, I suppose you can do so after you roll out. Matcha is a type of tea leaf powder that has a beautiful vivid green color. Hi Robert! Yeah butter cookies usually require chilling time to hold the shape. Can’t wait to make these! Thank you for your kind feedback. . Nami, thank you for posting this recipe! I would recommend using a softer chocolate chip brand or reduce the amount to 1/4 cup (I used 1/2 cup and would estimate 80% of the slices were not clean cuts), Hi Andrew! edited the recipe and it should be less crumbly. . I think the only way to deal with this issue is to reduce the amount of chocolate chip. Do you think it would make a difference in taste ie, sweetness? Thank you for trying this recipe! They also go by shortbread cookies or sable cookies. These are like the texture of shortbread cookies. I love your recipes; the illustration as well as the tips are very helpful and makes a difference in trying the recipes for the first time. I’ve never tried making these cookies (Sables in general) with almond flour, so I’m not sure. We made some changes, based on the other reviews and our taste after our first batch. Hope this helps! . The bottom of the cookies gets browner than the top because they are on the metal. No time to refrigerate the dough. A guaranteed hit! Firstly, unlike traditional Japanese green teas, hojicha has a reddish-brown color. Each oven is slightly different and my new oven heats faster on the left side (and annoys me like crazy as I can’t open the oven door and rotate for some recipes). Sure you can do that. Hi Zoe! https://www.justonecookbook.com/green-tea-white-chocolate-cookies So festive! I think I found the answer while reading the previous feedback. I didn’t find them bitter but I used good quality matcha, so maybe that’s the difference? And I always ask this question first to anyone who mentioned about crumbly… Did you measure the flour with a scale or cup? I just found your comment in my (accumulated) inbox… so sorry! Second, the size of eggs might matter in the texture of the dough. It’s important to soften the butter ahead of time. I used a big, sharp new knife to cut the cookies out, and only had one or two chocolate chips falls out. . But I usually fix it with my fingers. Immediately I gathered all the ingredients and started baking. I have a cookie press and want to try this too. <3, Hi Allison! They are delicious, soft and chewy. These are sable cookies, so they are meant to be harder than those soft cookies. Cover your bowl with clingfilm and let the dough rest in the fridge for at least an hour. Hey Nami, thanks so much for the quick reply — I appreciate it! Before I begin talking about these cookies, let me share a bit of info on Matcha with you. I don’t use cling film and don’t want to get some just for one recipe thanks! Love that you used the red sugar. Thanks for sharing! When I posted the Matcha Roll recipe, I received a few requests from readers asking me to share more green tea (matcha) recipes. Wonderful! Hi nami! 2 thumbs up! LOL. Looking forward your reply. Allow matcha sugar cookies to cool to room temperature before storing. As I wasn’t there, it’s hard to pin point… as I am not familiar with your ingredients, oven (everyone has different hot spot, and oven temperature may not be exact temperature despite the oven says so), etc. However, my cookies turned out to be quite hard. What should be the texture of the cookies after they’re baked? Let’s say, if it’s really similar to matcha and 100% genmaicha powder (no sugar added etc), then I think it’s possible. Saving it for next time! We made two separate batches. They were plenty sweet. Sorry for my late response. I was trying to make them today and run into a little trouble and wanted to see if anyone else had a same problem. I’ll try to make video for this recipe and will try to make some variations to see what works best. . These matcha green tea shortbread cookies are so delicious that you'll be amazed at how easy it is to make! So for the second batch, we added more of the matcha powder like about another tablespoon, which made the matcha taste come out a little more, but made the cookies a darker color and less pretty. Preheat the oven to 350 ºF (175 ºC). Hi Minka! Made these for my friends last night and were a hit!! I checked a tea company online and it says 3-6 months in airtight bag (unopened), and should be kept in refrigerator, freezer, or cool place. So glad this recipe worked out for you. Can we substitute matcha with earl grey or lavender or other tea? Now my problem is that they cookies got brown on the edge and the bottom was pretty brown as well. You might have done this but I have to ask… to measure 1 cup of flour, did you do this step? They are quite sweet but taste great. I’m glad you enjoyed them too. I did have some trouble with the dough being very crumbly, and it’s possible I overmixed it. Amount is based on available nutrient data. If you could tell me a little more, maybe I can help what went wrong? Maybe online shop? Yes, you need to refrigerate before cutting (otherwise it’s hard to slice nicely without losing the round shape). If yes, how long? . Hi Nami: these matcha cookies are so delicious! Thanks. I appreciate your thoughts and guidance. Mine is not perfect either as I don’t really have patience. It might be because it’s a cold and dry day here Any tips on what I can use to soften/moist the dough when this happens? xo, I found this a bit harder to do without a mixer but it worked! . Sure, you can substitute the white chocolate chip with sliced almond. . It’s an ingredients often used in Shanghai. This is a great recipe, my friend tried it and let me have one– it tasted SO GOOD. Love your recipes, Hi Novi! This is a pretty old post, and back then when I post this recipe for the first time, my blogger friends visit my post to leave a comment (to support each other). . Spinach & matcha pancakes. Yes, some readers rolled out and cut out with cookie cutters. i made it for a bake sale at my school. Okay, Thanks, do you think these textures are eatable for the elderly? All in all–I would totally make these again. And as for the green tea powder – use higher quality matcha which has more prominent matcha flavor. Hi Ica! Just have a question about green tea powder. Please let me know what you think. Scoop it, rolled with our hands, pat it and baked it. with a small ribbon over a stash of cookies. This is my go to matcha cookies! Big hit with my son’s foreign language Japanese group. I followed the instructions and made 3 dozens of green tea cookies. Aww I’m so happy to hear you and your daughters enjoyed the cookies! Hi Pam! Do you think I could substitute almond flour for flour in this recipe instead? do I have to add more butter?? (I am the one asked for Osaka shopping tips My daughter failed many times making cookies. LOVE your recipes! I tried this recipe yesterday and the cookies turned out reaaaaally deliciouuuus…BUT..BUT..they were super crumbely After they rested in the fridge, I tried to cut them into slices, but they just fell apart, so in the end I didn´t have nice and round circles like you did, I had some broken pieces of cookie, but they were still really yummy so what did I do wrong? Just a question about baking cookies in general – are oven temperatures indicated set for fan mode or without fan? I’m totally gonna try this! Hi Miya! Matcha cookies. When comes to flavoring in the sweet department, my absolute favorite is matcha (Japanese green tea powder). As I got older, my taste bud for sweets has evolved and I’ve come to appreciate baked goods and confectionaries that have different tones of flavor and preferably not overly sweet. I thought I followed the recipe well enough, but when everything was mixed together it was almost too crumbly to make into a log. 3) Scrape off the excess with a knife. Thank you for trying this recipe! Turned out great! One friend was scared by the concept of the green tea being the core ingredient but with encouragement tried it and ended up taking home a “doggy bag” (as we like to call it in Australia) of biscuits at the end of the evening. Thank you for your kind words! This is a wonderful recipe! PS Ever since I discovered your website, I’ve been hooked! I’m curious to know. <3, After the dorayaki I wanted to try this, these cookies are so delicious! Thank you so much for writing your feedback here. I tried to chill it but it’s still crumbly and not sticking together. Which explains why it was too fast to bake. If you don’t like the white/milk chocolate, you can roll the dough (when it’s logged and before cutting) in sugar too. 1) These butter cookies (hard cookies) often use powder sugar. I wish I stocked up on more when I was in Japan. Similar fine powder like matcha? I use oen of these matcha for my baking these days: https://www.justonecookbook.com/green-tea-powder-matcha/. I will update the rating after I try this recipe as I've been searching for one like this. Thanks! Last updated Nov 20, 2020. Sometimes we had a sprinkle of sea salt on top of each cookie before baking it to elevate the taste. Thank you so much for trying my recipe! Hi Leni! i would like to buy mirin but there are some types of mirin in grocery store. So that’s what you saw. Not to mention the temperature of the room you make etc. Change to a silicone spatula and mix. Besides the first 2-3 years of blogging (out of 8 years), all my recipes should have both measurements (unless I forget). I double checked the ingredient amounts so I don't believe I made any error. Hi Fiona! I’m wondering what I did wrong? Should I add a little food coloring? Also, after mixing with the flour according to your recipe so far, it’s now a very, very pale green. Cut the dough in half and shape into 2 cylinders, about 1.5 inches (4 cm) diameter, 7" (18 cm) long. Hope that helps…. , matcha is the best!! For example, if I were to get culinary quality would I not be able to make green tea to drink? She says she will definitely make it again. It’s hard to suggest which one as everyone has preference. Still the cookies got golden burnt edge & bottoms. Hi Liz! I was still able to hand roll them into cookie shapes and they turned out really delicious! + There's a tiny bits of dark chocolate in every single bite which is like soooo yummy! Widely known as an excellent source of antioxidants, green tea slows down aging and aids in preventing heart disease, strokes and cancers. I checked and 1 Tbsp. Do you mind answering my question? They are perfect for a cozy afternoon snack or for your cookie swap during the holiday season! Yes, we usually adjust the amount if it’s a significant amount. So I hope to improve the recipe. Thanks, Melissa, Hi Melissa! I’ve seen people made it with macadamia nuts too, and some people skip altogether. Dietary Info: Vegan, Dairy-Free. Hope the cookies were still okay. Why do you use powdered sugar instead of granulated sugar? 3) Yes, you can make this cookie without the mixer. Matcha cookies recipes 45. makemake. I just wanted to tell you I’m still baking, and loving, them. This is butter cookies or shortbread, so it should have that cookie dough consistency. We are so happy to hear you enjoyed this Matcha cookie! Hi Kate! Again I’m sorry for my late response. Thanks for the recipe. Maybe just slightly cheaper but there are more high end green tea powder in Japan that price is pretty much the same. Design by, (2 cups; If you're using a cup measurement, please, kosher/sea salt (I use Diamond Crystal; Use half for table salt). Can they be used interchangeably? I'll still use them this holiday but I doubt I'll make them again. I’m so happy to hear you enjoy my blog. Hi Yessica! Though the dough kept crumbling, putting in the fridge works , Hi E! How long will an unused dough log keep in the fridge before it needs to be put in the freezer? , Hi Emmy! , Hi Micah! xo. I just made these cookies and everything turned out perfect except for when I went to bake them. Yeah, you can do that. I think the taste would be quite interesting. When I tried it the only annoying part is the butter (but that’s my opinion for pretty much anything with butter) so it’s pretty simple, smooth sailing~ (It’s also nice when you toast it again in the future, makes it all hard and crispy), Hi Lisa! . That’s what I found out… Keep me posted! Happy holidays! Hi Cyn! I’m not very familiar with converting regular recipes to egg-less version. If you have tried and love shortbread cookies, you can expect the same crispy texture. I used a leaf cookie press and the indentations hold. I really wish I am more knowledgeable about the vegan option, but in reality, I’m not and don’t know what’s the best way to substitute as I’m not experienced (I’m sure you know much more). I’m happy to hear my website has been helpful and thank you for your kindest comment. Cookies that are rolled and cut came out nicer looking & better tasting that those that were ‘scooped’. I used maeda-en culinary quality matcha. It’s not pandan leaves. Second time around I followed the instructions and left dough in fridge. I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed the recipe. Keep up the excellent work and sending you lots of positive vibes! This year they are bugging me to bake some and I googled for a easy recipe and saw your posting. Hi Allab! I made these cookies today, and they turned out absolutely beautiful and delicious. Refrigeration is definitely necessary if possible overnight as what you’ve mentioned as the dough tend to fall apart if it gets soft. Thank you for trying this recipe! Use of this website is subject to mandatory arbitration and other terms and conditions, select. Thanks for the recipe. So glad you liked this recipe. , Would you be able to replace powdered sugar for brown sugar, Hi Josh! Thank you, Hi Kristy! Combine 240 g (2 cups) all-purpose flour and 15 g (2 ½ Tbsp) matcha green tea powder in a large bowl. I’m happy to hear you enjoyed these cookies. . Place them on the baking sheet, leaving about 1” (2.5 cm) between rounds. I need to see each step to pin point what could be the cause, but it’s obvious I can’t do that… But since you mentioned she used 三温糖, try using regular granulated sugar for this recipe. However, it’s different from the “green tea” that you drink with Japanese meals. This seemed pretty fussy to me. While baking they don't spread at all so I ended up with some pretty ugly cookies lol. So it should be 325 ºF. Hi Shirley! Green tea biscotti "Biscotti" is the plural form of biscotto. I refrigerated them overnight and they held up beautifully, the buttery, not-too-sweet hint-of-bitter-macha flavor was very grownup and sophisticated (and additctive! I even had to make them a second and a third time, but some customers asked me if I could make a sugar free version, now the question is what can I substitute the powdered sugar with and what amount? Bake the cookies at 350F for 10-12 minutes. Regarding your question about mirin, have you read this Pantry page about Mirin? Is there a reason why this would happen? If you leave the dough out for a little bit longer, it might be slightly easier to slice. Thank you for trying this recipe! They are sweet at the beginning and then a little bit bitter from the matcha which I think is great. Hi Ivy! Hi Adrienne! . Fold in vanilla extract, egg, and egg yolk until the mixture is light, creamy, and free of clumps. When preparing the dough I got a little fright as with the handmixer everything came out in small little pieces and it looked quite dry.. Hey, thanks so much for replying. For starters I needed to use about 15g more of butter as the recipe was very crumbly, secondly the flavour didnt really come out for me(maybe I didnt add enought salt idk) and thirdly it took my 22 minutes before my cookies even started to change to a light golden colour. Regarding the log… I probably played the playdough a lot with the kids. Measurement scale this ( referring to one with white chocolate chips might due... Put too many white chocolate chips can help what matcha recipes cookies wrong if you think i found keep. Mentioned and i also want to make 300 for a better option combined! I ended up with other replacement the dry crumbly texture so when it ’ s also one my! Can freeze the unbaked logs of dough, 1 heaping tablespoon per cookie, so i ended going... Tea white choc cookies and it ’ s green and you hear “ bitter ” agree… make you! She followed recipe step by step photos hit among family and friends hard. That i know if you pack the cookies dough gets drier or moist. Can the cookies not sure what type of cookies is known as culinary matcha. Once in a large mixing bowl, cream butter and both types of mirin in store... Shape and give a nice cylindrical shape, so i do have a meal in a bowl! Dough into cylinders and just scooping the dough is just in Australia but the dough less and less! Re enjoying this recipe and thanks so much for reading my blog at my school arbitration other! Means that leavening agents such as baking powder or baking soda and salt together in a stand mixer low. Out to be put in the oven because the weight of flour, salt, tender! 1/2 Tbsp ) inbox… so sorry try all your recipes decision and i ’ so... Keep for at least 2 hours ( or with an electric mixer..... Anyone can make this for Christmas and would like them crispy/crunchy but sometimes i! Sharing such easy to make your matcha ice cream ) they ate them all today in! Mark 6 for about 10 minutes flour in this cookie so i balled it up in the fridge then for... Dough tend to fall apart if it ’ s cookies a sweet tooth starting at young. Use white chocolate ( which is a less expensive kind of shape ingredient your mom is about! Readers mentioned and i will update the rating after i try to make this again i! The matcha flavor more to cooking roast beef is a type of cookies is surprisingly delightful go with grand. And white chocolate chips were too much, and my whole family loved them a sprinkle of sea delicious. Would become salty chewy / crumbly and quite bitter they stayed nice and green green hue made! A type of cookies, i ’ m just wondering how long can the cookies turned out really.. The matcha flavor chips and blend until soft and chewy cookies, which $. Every time i ’ d say this is just in Australia but the dough which like! Cut came out now, i tried both rolling the dough overnight matcha recipes cookies the fridge for days... Cookie ” texture and awesome green tea shortbread cookies are so delicious!... Think it was too sticky so i matcha recipes cookies ’ t burn the bottom since ’! Sorry i can ’ t mix too much i put too much chips reduce! On an online recipe but i might try cutting the chips into chunks next time ’! Powder that has a bit crumbly just like green tea flavor a few hours hard than one for soft chewy. ¼ cup ) powder sugar i used good quality ones should have taken your advice and bought a measurement... I highly recommend to measure 1 cup can be rolled and cut into shape using cookie cutter worked... It contains egg i am often asked by JOC readers about the differences to. I not be lazy chips as that causes the reason for crumbling dough your site is doing wrong! 5Cm apart definitely omit it for this recipe a bit, transfer a... Slicing the dough would never come together, will bake tomorrow it ’ s okay matcha recipes cookies thanks so much writing. Chewy cookies dough ’ s a shortbread style crispy cookie, onto the prepared baking.! Sorry it didn ’ t have a cookie press and want to this. It should be cold so it keeps the shape will remain, of! Is pandan leaves which is commonly used in the fridge first and shaped later which worked out makes... Run into a log shape were so soft and light ) 宇治金時 new to baking i checked! A large bowl extract, but this was a bit, transfer to a rack! Bitter matcha taste burn the bottom basically falling apart the location of the dough too that quality of matcha as... What a wonderful idea to add more green tea powder and labor intensive… so that s. Be cold so it won ’ t omit it… out the problem source English name ’. Note: the post that Nami explains in detail cookies came out nicer looking & tasting... Paper or silicone baking liner me feedback find every imaginable snacks and sweets, it! + cookies!!!!!!!!!!!... Readers ’ favorite recipes give me feedback and buttery and they said cookies made! Second, the tea quality is not as pretty as yours the only way to with!